May 24, 2024

Mental Health – Are you depressed? How you can take care of your mind?

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Are you healthy?

Yes, maybe by looking at your body you can tell , but can you think about your mind?

Most of the people in this generation do not have a healthy mind. According to a study, more than a year, 264million people are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, and mental disorders. 

When people feel sick, they visit a doctor of medicine, cardiology, orthopedic, gynecology, and other doctors related to our inner, outer body organs.

Have you ever visited any psychiatrist when you are under stress?

I guess no, cause we do not consider depression as a disease. Cancer, diabetes, and blood pressure are serious health diseases for us. When we feel one of these is attacking us, we run to the doctor for better treatment. But when we feel anxious, depressed, we do not think about the doctor because of the fear of judgment.

One sentence is running behind our mind, Am I demented (Crazy) or going to be demented? 

More than thousands of people kill themselves because of depression. It is more dangerous than other diseases. 

In this article you will get to know all the information about depression, why it occurs and what are the syptoms?, and how to prevent it?

Mental Disorders and its Categories:-

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There is no straightforward definition of mental disorder that is globally satisfactory. But for your better understanding, I will clarify with simple words.

Mental-disorders are health situations that change our emotional process, thinking process, and behavior or a combination of these. That’s why mental health is so important nowadays.

Psychiatric classified these disorders in some categories.

  • Depression
  • anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • psychotic disorder
  • an eating disorder.
We should know the root cause of these disorders-
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We feel the above disorders occur in our body due to some organic disease in the brain, either structural or biochemical. Nowadays, these disorders increase rapidly. The reasons are-

  • Marital life(conflict between partners)
  • Family(some responsibilities or some crucial life-changing decision)
  • Sexual activity
  • some personal and professional outlook
  • work pressure
  • material affairs
  • and most important cause of depression is SOCIAL MEDIA(By using these platforms, people have started comparing their life with their relatives, friends, and other people)
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Could you please take 5 seconds and think about our forefather generation? They might have never experienced these kinds of disorders. But we are frequently bombarded by these disorders. 

We are modern technology humans. We spent our free time using phones, Tabs, or Laptops while meeting with virtual people, wasting time on the social platform rather than going outside and connecting with real-world people. 

Sometimes we feel depressed when we wish to achieve something or someone but cannot get it within our desired time. Sometimes we compare our life with other people by seeing them on social media, 

we pressurize our life by thinking everyone is happy except me.

My dear overthinkers, no one is happy as they are showing off on the social platform.

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Symptoms occur differently among men, women, and children.

  • Changes in emotional behavior (like feeling empty, loss, hopeless, or sad)
  • Mood-swings(such as anger, aggressiveness, irritability, anxiousness, restlessness)
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Changes in behavior (such as loss of attentiveness, no longer finding satisfaction in your favorite food, work, or person, using drugs, feeling exhausted, feeling cried)
  • Affects your sleep schedule(like excessive sleep, sometimes insomnia)
  • Cognitive abilities( such as thinking or talking more slowly)
  • Sexual interest(such as reduced sexual desire, lack of sexual performance)
  • Physical well-being, such as decreased energy, fatigue, changes in appetite, weight changes, aches, pain, headaches, increased cramps

In the case of children, we can feel-

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  • Changes in behavior ( getting into trouble at school or refusing to go to school, avoiding friends or siblings, thoughts of death or suicide)
  • Difficulty concentrating, changes in performance degrades in school

Depression is like a slow poison for our bodies. Slowly it affects all over the body parts, captures our thinking process, and demotivates our feelings.

Before making some big decisions, we should know about prevention. This way, we can save our lives as well as our friends and family life.


The 2M can save us from mental disorders.

1- Meditation
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Yes, a 10 minutes meditation can kill the depression, change your mood, and bring back your mental peace. You cannot get the result instantly, but as per the research, meditation controls how we react to stress, anxiety, and depression. And it boosts hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and even endorphins in our body, which we called happy hormones.

How can you start it?

It is so simple.

  • Get comfortable. It is often helpful to sit down when first learning meditation, but if you feel better standing up or lying down, that also works.
  • Begin with your breath. Take slow, deep breaths through your nose.
  • Move from breath to body.
2. Medication
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If you are suffering from severe mental disorders, then you must consult a psychiatrist. You can take the prescribed medicine of the doctor without any hesitation.

3- The Third and most crucial prevention is Connection.

Do connect with your partner or friends or family when times get hard. Speak out all your thoughts and feelings without thinking about the judgment.

4- The Forth is to avoid Alcohol. 

It may seem like these make you feel better. But that can make it harder to treat your depression.

And lastly, Don’t make big life decisions on a day when you’re feeling low or sad.

Do not worry. This disease is curable. Everyone can feel this type of situation during a life-changing process. 

We have to believe we can live our life happily.

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