June 12, 2024

Make Your Every Bite Healthy. 6 Healthy foods You can eat for the breakfast.

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Do you ever think why our grandfather generations look so strong, energetic and healthy in their late 90’s?

The only answer is Organic Foods(the purest form of vitamins and minerals).

But Today’s century is full of disease, the reason behind this is, our lavish Lifestyle & cosmetic food products. We don’t have time to make something healthy & we tell ourselves let’s have some burgers without knowing their side effects.

well.., It is not always possible to calculate the calories of all the foods that we intake, but at least we should have an idea about the food we eat.

There is a question running behind my mind.

Why are we liking fast foods over homemade foods?

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Thousands of scientific reasons are popping around this. Do you want to know?

  • Fast foods use different types of cosmetic ingredients that attract us and multiply our taste sensation.
  • Dopamine(neurotransmitter chemical), Fast food increases the Dopamine chemicals in our body, which relaxes our body and mind and gives pleasure, but health problems can arise if too much dopamine is being produced in our Body.
  • Easy to afford.

Before taking delicious fast foods (high in sugar, salt & saturated or trans fat), let us think about the issues that impact our irreplaceable health like:-

  • Impact on our fertility.
  • Impact on our skin, hair & nails.
  • Depression & obesity.
  • Gaining weight.

And you can see thousands of side effects by having fast food with 0 good calories.

We should differentiate between good calories and bad calories before taking any food product.

Say Hello to Fitness and Exercise!!

do excercise to become healthy

Gaining or losing weight within a week is just a myth. It’s a long journey and you have to be a stoical companion.

Whom you are waiting for !! look at your watch, Its time for losing your weight/gaining weight as per your desire by having healthy food.

Are you ready!!

Then do not waste your time, prepare your favourite healthy meal and do some workout.

Different Good Habits you should follow:

  • Drink water(8-10glass). (It should be your favorite friend).
  • Prepare your healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner by calculating your calories by consulting with your dietician.
  • Maintain your sleep hour. (7-8Hours)
  • Replace your chips, cookies with Different Indian dry fruits.
  • Put back your cold drinks, a beer with Fruits, or any raw fruit juice.
  • Last but not least WALK! WALK! WALK!.

Super Breakfast for Your Body And Their Benefits.

Why breakfast is so Important??

BREAKFAST-“The most important meal of the Day”.

After dinner, we take almost 10hrs gap from food. Every machine requires some oil or energy to start as like our body needs its superfood for releasing energy. And we have to be careful about which type of food we allow to take for our health cause “Health is Wealth”.

Everyone has a busy schedule.No time to make any delicious or time-consuming food for breakfast.

Here are some easy food to make your healthy breakfast within 5 minutes.

1.Oats meal:-

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The superfood for our body with plenty of Nutritious. It contains antioxidants and powerful soluble fiber which helps to improve blood sugar control, lower cholesterol level, and most importantly promotes fullness.
You can make it within 3 mins.
It’s tastier and healthier.


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“We cannot take any fruits on empty stomach”!!Hello guys it’s just a myth.
We can have any fruit before taking anything.
Fruits contain vitamins and minerals which is very helpful for our skin and hair. It reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes.
What are you waiting for? Bring your mixture, put on your favorite fruits, and make a smoothie.

3.Dalia(Cracked wheat):-

Every home has one jar of Dalia or uncooked cereal. Because it’s easy to get and easy to make.
Apart from this, there are a lot of benefits we are getting by having one bowl of Dalia.
It’s a complete meal. good source of minerals, rich in fiber. We can make it tastier by adding some Indian spices and curry leaves. It’s not only breakfast it is an option for dinner and lunch.
It prevents breast cancer, best friends for diabetics patients, and maintains cholesterol levels.


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Any vegetable soup we can take in the morning but it should be made from raw vegetables, not from any readymade packets which are available in the supermarket. It helps you to stay hydrated because it is liquid in nature.
It is loaded with flu-fighting nutrients.

5.Paneer And Vegetables Salad:-

If you’re vegetarian and worried about protein and fiber, then bring one plate of green vegetables(broccoli, beans, cucumber, sprouts, spinach) and mix 5-6 cubes of paneer and have it.
Vegetable salad with paneer contains protein which is helpful for vegetarian people. It protects against heart disease, as well as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, immune system problems, eye, and skin disorders, and even wrinkles.


omelet 2802968 960 720

Are you a non-veg lover? Then it’s the right food to start your morning. Everyone doesn’t know cooking, but everyone knows how to make an omelet. it is good for the heart, reducing the risk of heart disease, and contains good cholesterol. Contain Antioxidants (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) that have major benefits for eye health. An egg is itself a quality protein and enough protein in your diet is very important for your body. It helps lose weight.

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